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Events 2015

Lieder-Bee-27091116Date: Saturday October 3, 2015
Time: 4:00-8:00 pm
Where: Community Hall, St. Joseph's
Cost: $5/person

Come out for a relaxing and low-key event with lots of time to visit other members and ask your questions or discuss the honey year.
We will have an open forum to lead some group discussions followed by a potluck supper.  The club will supply a ham. 

Directions: Travel east from Regina on Highway #1, turn right at St. Joseph's (8 km past Balgonie), take first left and then follow road into town.  Hall is on your right.

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Events 2015
Hamilton Apiaries
Our RDBC Field Day will be held on Saturday, June 27, 2015 from 1:00 - 4:00 at Hamilton Apiaries. (Directions below) The topic will be harvesting honey and will include equipment needed, evacuating the bees from honey supers and the extraction process. Cost is $5.00 per person and drinks and snacks will be provided. Come on out and learn everything you have ever wanted to know about pulling honey and extraction!

Directions: drive 9.6 km (6 miles) north of Regina on Highway 6. Turn right (east) on to #734. Drive 3.2 km (2 miles) and turn left (north). Drive 2 km (1.25 miles) and turn into the driveway on the left. The driveway Y's, go straight and skip the first turn.
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Events 2015

queen-bee The Saskatchewan Beekeepers' Association and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture are pleased to offer the third biennial Queen Rearing Course, held in the Prince Albert area. Instructors include Saskatchewan's Provincial Specialist in Apiculture Geoff Wilson and the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association’s Technical Adaptation Team. Come and enjoy this one day course which enables participants to experience both theory and practical field experience.

Workshop lessons include:
  • Queen and Drone Biology
  • Honey Bee Genetics & Breeding/ Stock Selection
  • Methods of Queen Rearing/Protocol for Rearing Queens
  • Preparing Cell Builders
  • Queen Cell and Mated Queen Care/Transportation and Introduction
  • Grafting/ Preparation of Cell Bars
Dates: May 29, 2015
Location: Prince Albert area
Price: $175.00
Registration: click here
For more information please contact Jessica Morris at:
306-262-3322 ***** This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Events 2015

beginnersThe Regina Bee Club, along with the Saskatchewan Beekeepers' Association, are pleased to offer the 4th Annual - 2 day Beginning beekeepers course.
Come and enjoy this two day course which enables participants to experience both theory and practical field experience. Instructors include the Saskatchewan Beekeepers’ Association Technical Adaptation Team and experienced beekeepers from the Regina Bee & District Bee Club. Every one of all experience levels are welcome.

Workshop lessons include:
  • Standard beekeeping equipment
  • Honey bee colony assessments
  • Basic bee biology
  • Seasonal beekeeping responsibilities
  • Extracting/ processing honey
  • Disease and pest management practices

Dates: Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7, 2015.
: Provided with registration fee.
Time: 8:30am to 3:00pm both days
: Regina area course will be located in St Josephs (click for MAP). Click here for the alternate course in Saskatoon
Cost: $200 CAD
Registration: Click here download the form

Currently (subject to change): Refunds will be issued minus a $25 administration fee up until this date as well. A charge of $25 will be applied to NSF cheques. Please note that this workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 participants. Please bring a bee hat and veil, a bee suit and proper footwear, there will be hands-on instruction in the bee yard. Note: Please contact Jessica Morris if you need a bee hat and veil.

Mail registration and fee to:
Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association, ATTN: Pam Yule, Box 249, Big River, SK, S0J 0E0
306-314-9571 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Other inquiries – Jessica Morris
306-262-3322 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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bulkIn an effort to minimise the shipping costs members have to pay on orders from Beemaid the RDBC board has made arrangements for bulk orders to be shipped to Regina.

If you want to participate in a bulk order this is the process:

  • RDBC member contacts John Sochaski with Beemaid in Tisdale and submits order with the request to be included in the monthly RDBC bulk order, the member will pay for the order at this time
  • each months order must be submitted no later than the 25th of that month
  • orders will be assembled and weighed by John and should arrive by the 30th of each month
  • Once arrived in Regina the order will be picked up by Linda Kletchko for distribution from her place
  • Participants of the months bulk order are contacted and must make arrangements to pick up their order within a week
  • When a member arrives to pickup their order they will be charged their portion of the shipping based on weight (payable to the Regina Bee Club)

There is no guarantee that each month there will be multiple participants and therefore cheaper shipping. The shipping will be based on a flat rate with an added fuel surcharge. The club will pay for the shipping when the order comes in and will retain any orders that are not picked up on time or that shipping is not paid for. The percentage of shipping a member pays is based on weight, so if there is one order that is 100 Ib's and an order that is 5 Ib's the heavier order will pay more. You must pay your portion of the shipping at pickup before you will receive your order.

This arrangement has the advantage of lowering an individuals overall shipping cost (no matter the shipping method). The disadvantage to the arrangement is that an order placed at the beginning of the month would not arrive to the end of the month.

RDBC bulk monthly orders will operate from March 30 to September 30.


drawn_combMany new beekeepers start out by purchasing a hive or a nuc, and then build all the remaining equipment they need. A problem arises with this process. New frames containing foundation require the comb to be drawn out (built). This is the case for both wax and plastic foundation. The issue is that the bees really have no interest in moving up into a super that contains nine frames of foundation.

In order to coax the bees up into the new super of foundation you need to alternate frames with every second frame being one which has already been drawn out. For new beekeepers the problem is where do you get that drawn comb from?

The Regina & District Bee Club has a small stock of drawn comb which we offer to new members to help them get started. The program works like this:

  • a new member brings two brand new supers with nine brand new frames each (foundation included) to a designated board member
  • the new member receives one of their supers back filled with 9 frames of one year old drawn out light comb
  • the new member can then make two supers of alternating comb and foundation to be applied to their hive(s)
  • the designated board member then gets the new frames drawn out in preparation for next year
  • the designated board member receives one super of foundation from the club for every two supers of foundation they get drawn out

It is important for members to know that bees require around 10Ib's of feed for every pound of wax they produce, so it is important to make sure they have an adequate food supply when trying to draw out comb.


  • The RDBC will maintain a supply of between 10 & 20 supers of drawn out comb
  • Excess equipment may be sold to members at current market value as determined by the board or may be raffled off at club events
  • New members who have purchased nucs will be given preference
  • Supplies may be limited from one year to another so equipment is available on a first come first serve basis
  • Anyone responsible for getting comb drawn out must be inspected by the provincial specialist in apiculture
2009_Agribition_4photo_frameTNYWe we've received an overwhelming response from both booths at Agribition!

Its great to hear that more and more people are interested in beekeeping with honey bees.

So what's next? How do you get started? Where do you get bees? Is there any support or help when you need it? Where do I get equipment? How much does it cost? What do I do with bees in the winter?

All these questions and more can be answered at our Annual General Meeting that we have every year in March. This is where you can become a club member. We have guest speakers, and suppliers that speak and attend every year. Of course, this is your chance to chat with beekeepers too - the combined total experience of our keepers that attend usually exceeds 100 years! You'll also be to be paired up with an existing beekeeping mentor who can help you out (or, more likely, you can help them out) during the beekeeping year.

Although we continue our board meetings and community work dureing the winter months, our member events (including the AGM) happen when the sun stays out longer in the year.

We look forward to seeing you are the AGM!
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chc_producer_manualThe Canadian Honey Council announced that it has finally made available its "Producer Manual - Good Production Practices", which can be used "for the safe production and on-farm processing of honey-extracted raw or filtered (liquid, crystallized, or creamed) and comb honey intended for human consumption".

Download the pdf direct from the CHC site

dadant_extractor_little_wonderOur club extractor is for rent to members. First come first served. Please print and fill out the contract to rent it. Members only (you are welcome to join to use it).

Damage Deposit : $100 < refunded if returned in clean good order
Rental per day : $25 (max of 2 days)
Late fee : $50 / day

Please contact Angela Fuller ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) regarding rental of the honey extractor.

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